Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Where the deer and the antelope...

End of day four finds our intrepid explorers deep in their fourth state. The scenery has been so incredible. C's first peek at the Rockies was of distant snow capped rugged peaks.
We rounded a bend and there was a distant high mesa that looked just like a scene from a spaghetti western. It is so breath taking.

Poppy is doing so much better, but the long traveling does not allow him to nap. He is used to napping 3-4 times a day. He was so exhausted tonight, that we covered him immediately and will try to give him 12 hours of sleep.

We too one side trip to see the Little Big Horn monument. It is humbling, painful, beautiful.

Markers for Cheyenne Warriors at Little Big Horn.
The marker for the fallen US soldiers over their mass grave.

These are the biggest tires I have ever seen:

Enough from C, I am tired. Be well all.

from the food critic K:

I don't know what possessed me but the sign advertising "moisturized chicken" tempted me
beyond reason. Though had I known that only5 miles further there was a cracker barrel, an applebee's, red robin and perkin's (my favorite) i would have kept on driving...
but C. and i were hungry.
I gave my order to a waitress wearing a blue checkered top. It had a white collar and her outfit blended with the aqua vinyl seating in the little diner. I think I should have asked how a chicken
is "moisturized" but i was too hungry to think about it, and maybe, i didn't want to know.
I asked if the iced tea was fresh brewed. The waitress nodded and pointed to the brewer.
"making a fresh pot right now" she said. She could have been named Dottie. Her hair was pinned
back and tightly curled. It made me think of Melanie Griffith in that movie with Harrison Ford.
I'd like to tell you it was the best chicken sandwich i ever had, but it had no taste. in fact, probably the blandest chicken sandwich i ever had. Now I'm thinking that moisturizing process
does something to the flavor...
The old fella sitting in the aqua booth wore suspenders to hold up his pants, he walked up and
i caught a flash of blue jeans and red plaid. Dottie said "it's taken care of, Frank's got this one!"
The old man chuckled "Well jeez that was nice, and thank's for the extra tea" He looked surprised in that Christmas sort of way. That made the trip to Trixie's special chicken house
worth every penny.
So if you're ever makin' your way from Bozeman to Billings drive a little further-Red Robin
makes a great blue cheese burger!

The BUGSY report:
Montana is big. I saw most of it with my eyes closed. Poni had a great idea sleeping between the
seats. My appetite's tanked. I got some of the blond's food. I'm powered up to go. (maybe I'll sleep through Wyoming too).This is Bugsy signin' off.



I see birds. I think of you.
One startling image. a magpie.
black darting the bird's flight like a
crazy arrow
a paperwhite fan between its wings

I fail to know its name
I want to hold the answer then
and think "Bill would know"

For the Tiara Girls:
Woo hoo, a tiara cowgirl on the plains. Keep a look out for any other 'sightings'.

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