Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fun in the sun!

We are arrived!!

The sand on the beach is so fine, so white that it can squeak under your feet. There is no hopping form one foot to the other exploring the depths of your cursing abilities, but a cool soft floor of nature to escort you to the gentle waves and sureal vista that is the Gulf of Mexico.

Unfold the new beach chairs, bought at one of the local (there is one every block, no really, one EVERY block) beach store. The smell of coppertone sun block 50 competes with the salty winds and the rare waft of cigarette smoke from down there, some where.
Thank you Jennifer, here's one for you...

" No, really, AJ, the wave was HUGE!"

Meet a local or two:

A lizard above, a flock of pelicans below.

Look at the local dining room:

One word: GROUPER!!!

Local color:

Relax with friends:

It is a good thing, to realx. To lie under an umbrella that blocks an almost too hot sun that pinks your skin and beckons you back into the waves. Waves that are bath water warm and that play with you not unlike a big puppy. Misjudging size and hitting you just a touch too hard, they can throw you down in the sand and surf only to grant you that momentary reprieve so you can stand up, wipe salt from your lips and eyes and be tagged by the next bubbling breaking wave.
Walk out a bit further, the water is up to your hips now and you are more fully embraced, less likely to be toppled. You judge the incoming swell and jump at the right time to be carried back to the beach. The outgoing wave sucks at your ankles and pulls you out to play again. The white sand beach is inviting you to come sit under that umbrella, relax, listen to the song of the waves and the stories of their travels.
Come, sit.. listen...

I am sitting in a cafe, wifi enhanced, latte on board, K is at the condo, puppy sitting. I have been away from them too long, away from the beach too long.

Last thoughts:
Sherri and Richard, peace and our thoughts and prayers and hugs to you.
Thank you, once again, to everyone who helped us get here.

A picture for Craig, courtesy of K:
We miss you all, we cherish you all.



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Anonymous said...

Ah, I remember it well...the last time I had a grouper burger was 1990 in Clearwater, FL. Spectacular. I'm enjoying the virtual road trip. BTW, I went to the beach in New Hampshire today and it was 93 degrees! But the water was not what I would call "bath." More like "Brrr!(56 deg" (I swam anyway) Enjoy your vacation.