Saturday, January 12, 2013


Over one year. 
It has been over one whole year in my life that I did not post one thing.
Did I get selfish and close a voyeur window into my life?
Did I get too busy?
Did Life happen in large and disrupting ways?
Did I make too many excuses to sit down and write?
As my dear friend would say, "Yeah, pretty much."
We lost our dear little bird at the tender age of 13, he died two days before Thanksgiving.
Puppette turned 12 and is deaf to the low register but can still hear the high, like the crinkling of a bag being opened.
Bugsy went blind from a rare disorder called SARDS or sudden acquired retinal degeneration syndrome.  He manages quite well, but bumps into things from time to time causing bumps in our hearts.
Pixie is off her year long trial of anti-anxiety medication.  She still hides in her part of the closet and will not come out into the house when we are here.  We set up the web cam twice and know that she comes out to play during the day when we are not home.  We even have footage of her chasing her own tail!
We are still here.
K and I both changed our eating habits and started working out and have lost weight and gotten a little healthier.
So bring on 2013.
I am still here, are you?