Friday, September 21, 2007


"Big steaks, big cars , no troubles, yeah that's the place for me... I'm goin' to Texas" - Chris Rhea, Texas

We crossed an entire state today. Now if one were in New England, that would be no big deal, the states are relatively small at the ocean front as each wanted a port for commerce, but I'll spare you the early american economics lecture...
We are now in Texas.
As we entered Texas, I played the song, Texas, by Chris Rhea. K laughed alot. was it that funny or were we starting to get a little punchy?
Kansas was beautiful and flat. As we were approaching a little town and trying to decide to go south now or continue east, K re-programed the GPS navigation system. As soon as she hit "enter", it said "TURN RIGHT". I was stunned and followed suit. Here is the catch, I was going 75 (yes, that is legal in Kansas) and was 2/3 past the exit beginning so I crossed a bit of the white hash marks. I thougth we still had a few miles to go. Then I thougth the GPS was wrong but there was no exit for over 3 miles. K consulted the old out dated paper atlas, and sure enough, the new fangled GPS was right after all. So south we went.
I am not sure what shook me more: the high speed lane change or the fact that I blindly followed what a dumb little box told me. The high speed lane change meant nothing to anyone else, as there was no one within a mile of us any way.
Oklahoma is flat. Hey, c'mon, that is why they are called the plain states, right?
The soil is very red. There was, of course, road construction, and the soil was surprisingly red. These photos do not show it well.

Poppy is doing well. Although we did not have a long noise making session today, He took the longer drive day in stride.
C has a low grade headache that Tylenol and then ibuprofen could not touch. That really sucks when I wanted to help with the driving today.
It turns out that we are just 37 lil miles from where Poni was born, but we won't be able to go visit. They do have new puppies though...

One thing to think on:
When you see this
and this

You know that you are no longer in Kansas, Dorothy. Figuratively or literally.

We had some good bar b que tonight, some brisket, some St Louis style and baby back ribs and an excellent cobbler for desert.
And, we spotted a mecca for C and K... WAFFLE HOUSE!!! No idea when we will get to eat at one, but soon, very soon (wringing of hands and maniacal laughter fit well in this mental picture, folks.)

A form of advertising in Oklahoma:

Sorry it is blurry but it is a semi truck and trailer stuck vertically in the ground, advertising a truck stop off I-35 south.

Ever wonder where all that Wal mart crap comes from? Like the ancient elephant burial grounds? I found it!!!
All that S#!T comes from TEXAS... anyone catching a trend?!?!?!?!?
You can not, unless you see the building for yourself, comprehend how enormous this ware house was. It is probably bigger then the 'Hamster Mall. I am not kidding.

OK I'll get off the soap box. In a flat land like this it just makes you a more visible target.

I need to take some more painkillers, try to fix my neck and pass out again. Tomorrow, another state. We might make it to the Condo in two more days.
Every one is well.

If you are reading this, please leave a comment. It just lets us know you are out there.


I now truly understand why Dorothy was trying to leave Kansas. I imagined even a modern
day D. attempting to find a cooler place to be:

DOROTHY: Aunt Em, I'm outta here. I heading west with Scary C!
AUNT EM: Now don't be foolish child, you know it's that time of year when all the crickets
descend on us. It's only temporary. And the heat and dust? Why...
DOROTHY: No Em! I've got my cell and a gig to play in Los Angeles at Witchy's!
I'm Hollywood bound...Don't worry about me.
AUNT EM: Now hon, be reasonable, you always go a little loopy when the temperature
breaks 90 degrees. Let me show you this cute gingham dress I made for you.
DOROTHY: Gotta fly! Em, Love you!
(dorothy runs to the car driven by Scary C waving to the farmhouse. she is being whipped
around by dry hot dusty winds)
You can catch me in my travels at my ""
(auntie em tears up the curly haired dog runs up to comfort her)
AUNT EM: Damn, she's left me the dog again. DOROTHY! DOROTHY!
DOROTHY: (climbs into the back seat behind Tinman, the saxophone player
Hey T, turn up the tunes. Let's play some ABBA! (then to EM)
Bye Em, Goodbye! Oh, and Em I couldn't find the shoes to go with my red dress!
Mail em to me would ya?!
Cool colors palette:
Poppy's Pistachio green

Suzie's Caligraphy Blue (Suz do you love the texture here?)

Betsy's I love you with a passion Purple

Lastly, we did see a rainbow in Kansas but it was a row of Skittle colored
Truck cabs-orange, turquoise, cherry red, lime green! and lemon yellow. I was so
surprised I never grabbed the camera...

Places we didn't stop today:
The OZ museum (my sister's favorite movie of all time)
the giant brick chess Pawn adorning a ranch gate entrance
the roadside art of a chimney sweep as tall as the overpass (who resembled Chico Marx of the marx brothers fame)
the toy and action figure museum in Paul's valley, Oklahoma
the red clay river bed
frontier museum
the pioneer women musem.
Poni's homestead in Decatur, texas
***We'll plan another trip this way with lots of time to wander-and maybe when it isn't 94 degrees! Hi to all


Anonymous said...

Chris there might be some trouble with the blog site, unless it's just me. I had saved to my favorites the address. It never connects me directly to the blog but to a google search. That search sometimes has the blog and sometimes doesn't. I inevitably pull up the site under History under My Favorites. It's all very weird. So maybe that's why so few comments.

Today they were bringing around a new PT for hospice tour named Barb. I asked if she was the Barb that was posting to this blog and she looked at me like I was crazy.

You guys really give a great narrative. I don't want it to end so hope you keep it up even after you arrive.
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Finally checking in on your adventure. It has been a week of excitement for all of you. Glad that all settled in pretty well. It probably is not unlike taking 2 small boys cross country for a road trip except you don't hear "are we there yet?"...or has Poppy picked up that line?

C, gave your plant a haircut after it getting a sunburn last week;it's looking good. K, got most of items to recycling, etc.

What's the news with the house?

Hope you are checking the weather as you go south. Keep safe.

Anonymous said...

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