Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rocky Mountain High

Ahhh what an adventure filled day. We were rudely awakened at 2:22 AM by inebriated imbeciles that made poor lil Bugsy start barking. When asked to keep it the hell down I was even more disrespectfully called a bitch. Hmmm, lesson? Do not confront inebriated imbeciles at 2:22 AM in Casper WY!

We boomed across the border and met Colorado with misty distant hills K said were the rockies. They were so distant that they were a mere hint and suggestion of the grandeur I am sure they are. But, alas, our course leads us away from them. We made it an early day in the Mile High city since we are all just whupped!

Look at this picture of me, Puppette and the Bug in Wyoming at one of the neatest rest stops I have seen.
I look like I am ready for anything, especially a nap.

So my thoughts thus far are we live in a grand country of unknown beauty. Get your butts to a far away place and rent a car and just drive. We are so targeted to get to point "B" that side trips have to wait this time around. We missed the grizzly bears on display, two dinosaur museums, a museum of mining, a museum of the rockies. The Grand Tetons and the Rockies up close will wait, as will Jellystone and Yogi and Boo Boo, Pikes Peak and Buffalo Jump. Passed by were several historical forts that hold vital importance in the american Manifest destiny. (we will not debate the right or wrong of that just now)
Prairie dogs, turkey vultures, antelope, bison, deer, cows, horses, rabbits, jackelopes, red tail hawks, american kestrels, doves, pigeons, coyote, mag pies, crows, ravens, a golden eagle, a bald eagle against a grand back drop of grey brown mesas and buttes that rise up from a sun browned grassy world of heat and dry existence. The brilliant glinting waters of the rivers the Platte, the Powder. Black and rusted still oil pumps that dot three states so far, motionless in the world they helped propel forward so fast, too soon.
Oh that we could just drive at 50 miles per hour and stop to watch when the urge took us, fill memory card after memory card with memories... but onward, ever onward...

Bugsy looking onward from the back of the van:

We have traveled over 1400 miles now, with a few left to go. Thank god for air conditioning, beef jerky, french fries, brown bubbly colas, wonderful animals and the greatest traveling companion one could want.

To bed...


This doll was made for me to travel with by my dear friends Sherri and Richard.
Sherri laughed and said it was "a family affair!". I am posting this picture today as a tribute
to friends who are my chosen family. We have learned recently that Richard is ill and being so
far away leaves us with little way to provide love and support...

We hope you see the love in this embrace Sherri and was the only thing I could think
of to do today to express this. we have you in our hearts...

Puppette looks: forward to adventure, back to friends and loved ones.
Two paws way up.


Betsey Spencer said...

Karen - I love reading your blog every night and really enjoying the pictures!!! I'm so happy the travels are going well. love you-B.

Anonymous said...

Chris & Karen-
Thank you for the beautiful pic of Colorado yesterday, you made my day!!
Hope Poppy is doing better, Mango regaled me with a Poppy "Welcome Home" alert when I walked in the door last night. He is also "whispering" like Poppy does.
Madi and I miss you all,

Anonymous said...

For some reason my post's have not been registering even though I thought it went through. So this is a test. HAAAAAAAAALOOOOO out there!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, that one worked. I'm just going to sign in as anon from now on. Thanks for that option Chris.

I ate at On Rice in Barkeley V and remember, seems like years ago now, when Karen discovered Sheehan's.

From Ira to Puppette; (although they are not formally acquainted) "Geesh. I don't know how you did it when those little rug busters came into your life, man. SHE brought in this new kitten and my life has been hell ever since. I shoulda hooked on to your wagon train and escaped. The kitten is now trying to devour my long very handsome if I do say so myself, tail. Catch ya later. How's da bird?

spieks and Ira