Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Moving right along...

Moving right along, dug a dum, dug a dum… Fozzie and Kermit from The Muppette Movie.

In this grand adventure…

OK stop a sec. I know I have refered to this odyssey like this before but there are only so many ways to describe this trip and all its myriad of happenings, so I apologize if I repeat myself.

We finally reached the Condo!!!!!!

Florida was 86 degrees at 7:00 PM and muggy as hell.

We crossed three states, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and into Florida in just one day. Everyone did a great job. We hit much more rain since a failed and weakening “tropical depression” was heading north. That rain was a true deluge. I do not use that word lightly… it was heavy enough to keep you from seeing the car ahead.

All the states are very pretty in their own way. K and I saw many places we would like to come back and explore. But that is for another time.

After settling in the animals, and finding out there is someone in the unit above us, we tried to leave to get something to eat. It was just after walking out the door and almost reaching the van that we first heard Puppette barking. Then Bugsy and Poni was yelping in a very high pitched voice (at least we think it was Poni, for all we know she is the most well adjusted of the critters and it was Bug making the yelps)

Since we have someone above us, we trashed our plans to leave and came back in to relieve the dog’s anxiety and our neighbor’s discomfort. I went upstairs to talk to the neighbor, but they would not answer their door. How am I supposed to tell them what is going on if they will not co-operate.

This brings up a dilemma: If we can’t leave the animals alone because they will bark their brains out and disturb everyone, how will K and I get to the great restaurants you all know we have been talking about for two years? How will I get to the beach and have K videotape me on the snifty boogy board my PT partner gave me as a going away present? How is this going to be a vacation?!?!?

So it goes…

There is no internet here, I have to go to an internet café down the road and post. And, I will have to go alone.

It is murder, I tell you because the sun is shining, it is already above 70 and humid, and looks to be a grand day for FL adventure, and we are stuck with separation anxiety dogs. We will probably give them all Benadryl to make them sleepy, our vet said it was OK to do this, so hackles down people.

What can one say? We are in FLORIDA!!! It is off season, fall just started, there aren’t as many tourists….. heaven if we can just get past the dog anxiety thing.


Breakfast from WAFFLE HOUSE! We have been waiting a long time for this. These calories and this cholesterol do NOT count, got it?

Dinner last night was peel and eat shrimp for C and we shared spinach artichoke dip and crab dip.


Crossing the Mighty Mississippi!



There is a rocket test center in Mississippi. This Lunar Lander module was actually used in the Lunar program as a training craft. How cool is that? And, one of the Apollo 13 astronauts had his boot prints placed in cement and it is under the lander module. Fred Haise.


Looks like snow, right? This is the sand and these are the dunes between the highway and the Gulf of Mexico.


Settling in at the Condo. K has great hair and does not look wiped out despite a full day of travel. How does she do it? I will never tell.

K asks… is this relaxation? Or exhaustion? Or maybe… a little bit of both.

K is on the couch, Poni on her tummy, falling asleep again. Maybe K9 anxiety will keep us here and make us rest… time will tell.

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