Wednesday, September 12, 2007

T minus 3 days and counting

It is only 3 days until lift off. A simple mini-van with three dogs, two humans and a parrot will attempt to break free of the West Coast gravity and head EAST!

This blog will host updates from the road, guest entries from the animals and thoughts and observations from the two people heading up this odd little cattle drive.

Sit back, enjoy and join us on an odyssey like no other.

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BARBARA said...

I've left you several hours ago for the last time. I couldn't say a proper goodbye or a proper thanks at the time. Still can't. I shall send some of those to you in tangiable form when I know where you're going to live. I will send some in verbal form when I don't run the risk of sounding completly sappy and sentimental. I'll be following you on your trip and praying you along. As you know I don't usually say stuff like that...but you're precious cargo.

I know you are looking ahead now. The time for looking behind will come much much later, years probably.

Much love,