Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wastin away...

OK, it is not Margaritaville, per se, but it is so grand.
I tried, for the majority of the life of the lap top battery to get a video clip or two on here for you to see the water, hear the surf... but it looks like I need to read the manual for transfering videos.

It is too beautiful to describe. The temperatures are from 72 at night to 91-92 in the day. The humidity is heavy, like stepping out of a hot hot shower with the bathroom door closed. The water is so inviting. The red flags (dangerous conditions watch for rip tides) were down and yellow ( watch for possible rough water, but calmer than red) flags were up. No so much for the boogie board, but great to just let the waves push you around a while.

The person in the unit above us left yesterday so now we are all alone in our complex. We went out later last night in search of food.
It looks like so many of the wait staff at any restaurant are so tired from the hustle and bustle of the season, that they have nothing left to give. We went to a wonderful place list night, we had been there before. We ordered golden fried button mushrooms and smoked amber jack dip. We were supposed to get crackers with our dip, but got nothing. The look on the waitresses face when we said we would be taking it to go was a look of resignation of another lost tip. I will not get into the argument over tipping, go to Waiterrant for that.

We made a late night trip into a local food store that was closing and shopped fast. After a week of fast food, we I found myself suddenly craving fruits and vegetables. We bought an apple or two for Poppy. All was well.

We got back to the place and tucked in to the best smoked amberjack dip I have ever had.
We got ready for bed and found an uninvited house guest.

The wonderful man renting us the condo warned us the lizards could get in. This was a fiesty lil guy. He was calm enough until he realized he was trapped in the plastic container and then he got all fired up. I let him out, into the damp grass off the patio. Fare well little guy, good hunting.

OK, a wonderful bistro, carb heaven since it is a bread shop, but for all its wi-fi connectivity, there are no outlets to plug in so the lap top battery is dying.

We are trying to decide when to leave out little piece of paradise. There might not be another post until saturday.

Hang in there, everyone.

From the South we is wishin' y'all ta hev a nice day.



Anonymous said...

Hey Chris & Karen,
Just figured out the direction of the blog entries so I will now post on the most current.
I am so glad to hear that all is going well with your journey.
The commentary you are giving is absolutely wonderful and very vivid. How much longer until you reach your final destination?
Please keep up this great narrative, we read it each day (on our lunch breaks) it makes all of us smile.
Hope the rest of your trip is safe and enjoyable.
Take care,
Your friends at Fairhaven Vet. Hospital.
P.S. Debbie says to give Puppette a big hug and kiss, as well as the other little ones.

Carol L. said...

Hello there Chris & Karen,
Am taking a break from the madness here and am quite envious of your least your current destination...ah to lie on the beach...

Glad all is well. Take care,