Thursday, September 20, 2007


Wow, what an amazingly flat country.
But beautiful in its own way.
And, being in Kansas, a part of history for america with its beef and cattle industries, C had to have a steak.
Maybe it is supply and demand, we are near the stockyards and the source of this beef so it is less expensive. Maybe it is being in the corn belt where the feed is grown so trucking fees are lower and the beef costs less. For what ever the reason, C ended up with a 16 oz cut of rib eye steak cooked to preference. It cost only 16.95 at a reasonable diner in the town we have settled into tonight.
16.95 for a wonderful piece of bovine that I shudder to think what would cost up in Hamster land.
But the hotel is right next to a Sonic, so K had a wicked chili dog
The travel is getting into a rhythm and we are making good progress.

The puppies sleep alot, thank goodness.

At a rest stop in the middle of BFE, I took Puppette and Bugsy out into a side field. There is a nasty little seed pod, it can be called "goats head". They were every where. Puppette and then Bug pull up lame, limping. Bugsy had just one and he dislodged it by himself. Puppette had two in her hind foot and one in a front pad. The front and one rear came out easily. The third one came out in a gout of blood and started gushing. K is away in the other direction so I called her to get gauze so I could apply direct pressure. The bleeding stopped and Puppette was not pleased that I would not put her foot down. Lesson: be careful where you let your dog go to pee. I will be watching for signs of infection now, but Pup seems no worse for wear.
I hate it when my dogs bleed. Truly hate it.

Poppy is doing so well, he and I had a nice long discussion in the car today. If he is willing to get into a noise making match with me, he is doing very well.

Thank god for cruise control.

It is late and I will pass out soon.

Be well.
Until tomorrow...


I noticed a color theme in the past couple of days...
I met Lisa at one of the rest stops. She smiled at me the way a mother smiles at someone else's
newborn. She looked at Poni, our little piebald dachshund.
"I have one like that" she said grinning. "I wish I could take them to work with me."

Lisa is the gal who keeps one of Wyomings wonderful rest stops sparkling for it's visitors.
Her uniform was Coral. It was the style that is called a tabard, a bib. It had white trim and little
ties at the hips and deep front pockets. We talked for awhile about the dogs. She went back to her work.
I walked barefoot around the reststop, it's too much trouble to locate my shoes in the rubble
of traveling debris (the front seat resembles a rummage sale table!). There were giant Terracotta circles. Like earthen mandalas, I felt a sudden urge to practice yoga. I remembered
trips I'd taken to Santa Fe and Taos.
The stone was smooth, the warm sun beneath my feet...

C bought us a pop st a gas station stop, the cap was bright orange. Our speedy driving slowed to manuver between neon- colored construction cones.

In Kansas, the wheat fields glowed with the setting sun. And later, from my pocket
I pulled a little stuffed dog toy. It's half chewed from play between two members of the "below the knee club". It's a carrot.

And this at yet another rest stop:but today we're in Kansas and we'll be on the lookout for rainbows...

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