Sunday, September 16, 2007

On the bumpy road...

We REALLY want to thank everyone who helped us sooo much on Thursday night, especially, Karen, Jennifer, Mary,Diana and Michelle and everyone who offered saying "what can I do to help?". Special thanks to Jacob and Barbara for their determined efforts to clean up and clear out our "s&*t". Mary, Michelly, Barb there is no way we could have managed without your repeated loving efforts to keep us organized...Thank you all for stopping by-it kept us sane!
Thursday afternoon, we surrendered our modem and we were without access to the internet. I went through withdrawal, it was not pleasant, do not try it cold turkey!
Friday, we had really hoped to be on the road by noon. At 1:45 we got the news that our buyer has a lien against her by some one who... never mind the gory details, suffice it to say, the house did not close. We jumped any way and continued our concentrated efforts to escape the City of Subdued Excitement. Did you 'hamsters know that is the motto of your fair city?
The PODS container was picked up at about 1:00 and I freaked out thinking I had locked the key to the borrowed pick up truck in the PODS. It was in my pocket. Can you say STRESS?
(Thank you again Sherri and Richard for lending us your truck for many many trips to the dump) This was the highlight of our packing madness...
Here is the pod being loaded. It was cool to see it be lifted and placed on the truck, odd to see our life roll away on the back of a truck...

We finally decided to just stay the night and leave on Saturday. At about 3:00 something we got Poppy and hit the road.

We are staying with My brother the first night and then we will push on eastward. We might try to drive one hour longer each day to make up for the lost day.

A pic of us about to leave.

More soon


REPORT from Bugsy:
It was a cool and cloudy day in bellingham, the weatherman had said "nice and sunny". The weatherman was wrong. Now I don't want to say the mama dog was strung out but she left
the house wearing two different shoes-one blue, one not. The big dog said he only noticed it himself two hours later. Now i don't want to say the big dog was having an ing -bing because he thought he'd lost the keys to our friend's truck but sheesh, he looked a shade paler than usual
(that's somewhere between
This moving thing hasn't been easy on me either. Truth is, i've been chasing
the golden reflections of sunlight bouncing off my shiny new doggy tag thinkin' they was bugs.
Usually i'm up for chasin' the birdbrain we live with-the one they call Poppy, but he had a tough
first day traveling. too much bouncing, no good naps, he didn't drink until late...
This is the Bug signin' off. Think good thoughts for the bird.


BARBARA said...

OH MY GOD! (said with Jewish accent)I am breathlessly awaiting news of : 1) What will happen to the house? How serious is the lien business. 2)How is Poppy doing now? What will happen if he cannot travel?) 3)How is traveling with everyone? 4)Did Merry Maids do a good job?

I notice there is a Barb posting as well. I signed my Goggle account Barbara but will go by Spieks.

With Grace said...

I am sending you a guiding light as you begin on your adventure. is difficult getting use to traveling in a car....especially for birds. Try to be patient with Poppy. She will settle down somewhere around Kansas....I promise!!!

Love Sherri

Tash said...

Karen, it was so good to hear your voice coming from my other home state of Colorado! I hope you're having a great time and enjoying lots of new adventures.

I had a moment of anticipation this morning thinking about how tomorrow is Friday and I'll get to have lunch with you, but then I realized that we won't be doing that anymore. . . . except in spirit. So I send you my thoughts and prayers and look forward to reading more of your blog as you continue on your journey.

Hi to Christopher and "the kids."