Friday, September 28, 2007

Some random thoughts and random pictures

Nap Time!!!!

Inside joke to our friends: Look at the street sign.

Which way do we go?

Church reader board signs seen in Alabama:

Give to God what is RIGHT not what is LEFT.

How is that again? Is that implying that the RELIGIOUS RIGHT is what needs to be given to God? What about the LEFT?

Righteousness exalteth a Country?

Sounds like zealotry. How righteous is a Zealot in Iraq? Afganistan?

Move too far south and the brain does begin to shrink, it must.
In the south, It is astounding how many churches there are. What is odd is to see an LDS and a Jehova's Witness Kingdom Hall amongst all the Baptist and Episcopall and Church of God and............ Do they cancel each other out or is it the source of some hell fires that make it so bleeding hot down here?

I found a great surprise for K . We have been wanting to find a Cheeseburger in Paradise on the way accross the country. I went to a starschmucks, no free wifi, no soy for my latte, but I found a Cheeseburger in Paradise!!

And I had a Cheeseburger in Paradise:

" I like mine with lettuce and tomato, heins 57 and french fried potatoes, big kosher pickle and a cold draft beer, good God almgithy, which way do I steer for my...?" Cheeseburger in Paradise, Jimmy Buffet.
It was good, the atmosphere was fun. Our waitress, Donna, was a hoot.
Last night, K and I found a great little place, Kenny D's, 2964 US-98 W Scenic Gulf Dr
Miramar Beach, FL 32550. Since we did not get to have southern cookin in Louisiana, we had it here.
I had the crawfish etoufe, K had fried grouper smothered in etoufe. This is some of the best food I have ever had in my life, hands down. The etoufe was so wonderful.
We walked into an empty restaurant and were ordering when the Kenny of Kenny D's made his suggestion to have the grouper fried. Fried, the texture of the grouper was delicate but held up to the etoufe so well, tempered down the spice a bit.
The food has been so great.

Tonight, K got us bar b que from a great little place down the road with the most moist and tender slow cooked chicken. Green beans with hunks of ham and little corn bread muffins that were only missing honey butter.

When we went on vacation in Las Vegas, K, my sister, her partner and I ate well and often. We had warned my sis that we went to eat. We vacation to eat. So my sis called my mom and said to her "They really do plan their vacation around where they eat.

Is there a better way to cross the continent than eating?

We passed several little places out in the middle of nowhere that had a huge wood pile, an out door chimneyed slow cooker and smells that promise ambrosia.
I have said it before, Ahhhhhhhh.

So it is OK that the southern zealot follows their drummer, as long as the food tastes this good.

Some folk art K snapped in downtown Brantley Alabama.

K is asleep, so are the Puppies, I should be too.
Hello to all the wonderful friends at Fairhaven Veterinary Hospital. Debbie, I kissed Puppette on her wet nose for you.



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Anonymous said... a Goober would say in his southern accent;
It is raining and storming here. Winds up to 18 mi an hour yesterday. I've got a fire in the fire place, homemade stock simmering on the stove. It's weird to then read about heat and waves and sand and southern food. You two post an excellent narrative. Most entertaining and the pictures add so much. Thanks for letting us follow along. And don't stop when you get to NY!

Love ya man,