Monday, September 17, 2007


I never thought the words "wow, I like this minivan" would ever come out of my mouth.
But... Wow, I like this minivan. It handles very well, has a killer air conditioner, it even has a mileage indicator that tells how long until you need to stop for gas.
I am a little disappointed in our GPS navigation system, it led us astray trying to find our hotel.
The hotel room smells of cigarettes and it has no hangers?!?!?
A great visit with Chris' family members in the state were great. Mothers and nieces and nephews, oh my!
The dogs are settling into a routine, but the doxies did not take kindly to the dry grass, being used to the plush green of home.
Poppy perked up nicely last night and was right as rain this morning. We think his trouble is he is so over stimulated visually that he does not eat or drink, so we are taking frequent stops to allow him to eat and drink.
We hit a great dust storm in the middle of the state and it got colder faster than either of us thought.

Chris' truck will arrive tomorrow. It made it across the country faster than us. But then again, it is not traveling with a bird.

The truck heads east *sniff sniff*

The Jack antenna ball looks forward to new adventures too.

The Report from Bugsy:
In Wenatchee there was a wild warm wind blowing. The little white dog and I got stuck in the
brush. Sometimes it's tough having short legs...The dog we shared the field with is named Bear.
Bear's big. Bear's fluffy. He growled, I ran. Miss Gracie the fairy princess danced when the Big Dog played the fiddle. I escaped out the front door underneath Bear's fluffy self. Sometimes it's
great to be a dog with short legs...
Connor let me play with his yellow ball. I bit it and it sizzled. I fell asleep on the Big Dog's lap
my right ear flappin' in the breeze, drool slippin' past my chin. (If the word gets out I'll deny it!)
Michael made a gourmet breakfast and coached us through the big prep for the next leg of the
trip. Miss Carole made us all feel comforted with her smiles and laugh that makes like good music to dance to...There was a warm wind blowin'-we think it warmed all our hearts...
Bugsy signin' off. ps. the little parrot seems A-OK but we're keepin' a watchful eye.

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