Saturday, October 20, 2007

This Just In....

Right after posting the all is lost memo, C checked his cell phone and found a missed message.
Our Realtor called.
Just after his "man" had put the appliances back on the new linoleum in the kitchen, another Realtor gave a full price offer.
We will look over the paper work tonight.
More to come...
Thanks for your prayers and thoughts!


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Papa Bear said...

Aint relocatin' just a marvy experience. It is a time when you truly find out that if anything can go wrong, it will!! I'm sorry that you are having troubles and that the adjustment in vegetation and little pesky critters is slightly menacing to your mental and physical well being. God is good though and He has created his own to be able to adjust, so just hurry up and put down some roots and bloom where you've been trans-planted! Prayers, Papa Bear