Monday, October 1, 2007

The continuing saga...

And into the east we go.
Putting Tennessee behind us, onward into Virginia... the states keep falling.
Loved this bill board:
The little prince surveys his mobile kingdom.

Puppette asks: "Are we there yet?"

The other Prince surveys his world from the safety of his cage.

Not much to post from C. It has been a long trip, the end is now in sight.
I am tired.
I am overjoyed at the news that our friend Richard is doing wonderfully well after surgery! They let the man have a triple americano a day after his surgery, he is doing so very well!
Best wishes Richard, Sherri.

K is out, she has pictures she wants to post, but that is for another day.
Once we reach our destination, we might be off line for a day or two until we can find a free wi fi spot or get internet in our place.

Be well, all.

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Anonymous said...

Well, at least your food saga does not have to stop. (or should it?) NYC has such a vast arrary of ethnic food. I would like French and Jewish deli style. And the pizza, oh my god, the pizza!

I understand you might have to be off line for awhile upon arrival, but not too long my darlings, not too long please!

Your admirer