Sunday, October 21, 2007


So it is Autumn. Leaves change and fall, there is a cold bite in the air that makes you grab that favorite old sweat shirt, the one with the grease stain from the dropped nachos, a spot of pain here and there, and sally forth into the world. You embrace the slick wet leaves on the ground and take the sliding in stride.
The temperature today is to be 76, tomorrow 76...
Every one tells me this is not what it is like here. But you know what? I'll take it.
There is a nip in the air sometimes. But K was in shorts yesterday. Boy do people look at you strange when you where shorts when the local populous is in sweaters, denim jackets and zippered hoodies.

The leaves are changing slowly. Reds and yellows and golds that just do not come in that 64 crayon Crayola box.

Pumpkins are all over, the local roadside farms stalls and the nurseries have haunted houses and corn stalk bunches to show off the local produce.
Ever have a courtland apple? How about honey crisp?
I made home made from scratch chicken soup for us the other night. There is a squash waiting to be made into soup as well.
It is fall, a time of change.
That is where K and I are, admidst a time of change.
We faxed back a signed contract to our Realtor last night. We have been told that the deal could close very fast.

Enjoy your Autumn. Prepare for a winter, a time of slumber before a new period of growth.

Be well.


No Gusses yet? C'mon, our friends, how many miles were on the mini van when we turned it in?


Anonymous said...

here's my guess: 4014. Hmmm...I never looked at my total mileage the last time I crossed the continent.

Fall is the BEST time of year in the NE. Drive to NH if you get a chance. Kangcamangus Hwy.


Papa Bear said...

Acorns crackling, ticks crawling, beautiful fall foliage, new nooks and crannies to explore, new food experiences, new friends to meet- surely sounds like a marvelous new world to be entering at this point in your life! Put down some roots now, and bloom where you've been trans-planted. 4730 miles. Praying your house deal goes through. God Bless

Anonymous said...

Mango is flying from the cage top to my shoulder. Rides around the house on my shoulder, then back to the cage top. He even flew to my mom last night and gave her kisses on the cheek!!:)
Will try this with Madi tonight, picture to come to match the one of she and Monkey.
Hope the house deal goes through!!!
My guess is 4900.
Angela & Madi