Sunday, September 19, 2010

She is Home

We brought a nervous and doped up miniature dachshund home Friday. She has slept a great deal.
For the first 25 hours, she did not pee. We were getting worried, but stuck it out. She had been drinking water and did manage to eat some boiled chicken.
Last night, sometime, she peed on the incontinence pads in her pen area. Then she went outside and pooped.
Most people would not care, but this is all important to us that she thrive.
Tonight, she was more awake. She will not follow when we walk, mostly she walks away from us to avoid contact.
But tonight she was avoiding faster. Pixie walked along a section of brass pen fencing we had out, she looked it over closely and then found the one opening that would allow her to disappear into the underbrush, where the poison ivy lurks. One look over the shoulder, one look at the underbrush, one more look at me and the decision was made to walk away, into the yard and away form the poison ivy.
See ate well again tonight. After polishing off the chicken, she even managed a few kibble.
She shies away from me. If K pets her, she is good, no real problems. If I pet her, she shies away and her skin literally contracts away from my touch.
I wonder, so deeply, what has happened to this poor soul that she does not trust humans and physically reacts negatively to human touch? What horrors of neglect and mis handling did she find at that puppy mill.
She will take love and time and oh so much gentle handling to make any inroads.
It is early yet. We are ever hopeful.
Welcome, Pixie dog, time to heal.


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