Wednesday, January 16, 2008


OK, I openly admit that I am from part of the instant gratification generation. I like new things, That is not all bad.
For my anticipation of passing the license exam, and for just taking it, I ordered a new toy.
It arrived yesterday.
Prior to its arrival and delivery by our nice UPS man who always gives Puppette a huge doggie bone, I cleaned the kitchen. I cleared counter space.
I opened the box to find three boxes. One held new kitchen implements, a spatula, an ice cream scoop, a balloon whisk, a can opener and a vegetable peeler.
The second box held my new, imperial grey stand mixer complete with dough hook, paddle and whisk. Ahhh. The third box holds the ice cream maker for the stand mixer.
I made a batch of hearty breakfast cookies. Yummy! Cut down on the peanut butter just a bit, about 3/4 vs a full cup. With my smoothie this morning, it made a great repast.
Today it will be banana bread.
I am looking at breads next. I might even chase after the crown jewel, sourdough.
I even bought a great book, Crust.
It comes with a fantastic DVD that demonstrates a great technique I can't wait to try.

OK, me buckos, I am off to make bread and enjoy my last days of leisure before starting work.

Be well, all.



Paradise Driver said...

It is so hard to find decent sourdough. Having lived in the Bay Area, I am spoiled.

Anonymous said...

I miss my stand mixer, I had no where to store it so I passed it on to my mom, who never uses it.
Congratulations on passing!!(although I had no doubt you would.)
Enjoy your new toys,