Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Oh the Weather Outside...

It is a great thing, learning the climate of a new zip code.
It is cold, not rising above 42 degrees for over a week.
It rains, it gets cold, the sun rises, the sun sets, damn early at that.
Leaves are every where. They were amazingly beautiful on the trees. Colors, the likes I have never seen wiggled in the wind, flew off limbs and carpeted the ground.
Now, it is a brown carpet of leaves. They get slick when the rain freezes. They harbor ticks, from what I have been told. Who cares, it is still great fun to kick through them and not have slugs on your socks.
I know the rest of the country is getting pounded hard. The NW got hammered, California got flooded, the mid west is iced out.

C got hired, per diem at the same hospital K works at. Now for the FSBPT license exam.
Christmas is approaching at a break-neck speed.
I hope you all can stay sane and put on the brakes a little bit. There is no reason to fly through a joyus time. Buck the trend, screw the machine and sit at home making great memories with family. Shun the mall, shop on-line in your pajamas and sipping hot coco.

More to come, as always.


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